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More Work-Life Balance?

More Confidence?

More Money?

More Energy?

More Time with Family and Friends?

Have you ever felt so stressed that your stomach was twisted in knots and you considered taking time off from work?

For the past 2 years, I have come across more and more female entrepreneurs and professionals who are tired of living a life that zaps their energy day after day. Some have been told by their doctor that if they don’t reduce their stress levels, they’ll not live another year. Sometimes they find me because their friend had a heart attack at 35 years old and she didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to her family and friends. None of them wanted to be a number among the statistics of bad news.

I get where they’re coming from. I’ve been there too. Even though I am the happy, caring and strong coach for others who need a helping hand, it wasn’t always this way. I have overcome a lot of things in my life that I have never shared with anyone until now. I have been in abusive relationships, I’ve had chronic health issues, addictions, and anxiety. I’ve overcome all of that with the techniques that I share with my clients.

At the age of 32, I had excruciating stomach pain and my doctor said it was a severe stomach ulcer. No problem, I thought. I’ll take some tums and water for a while and then I can get back to my normal life. That all changed when my doctor noticed I wasn’t taking my condition seriously. The next thing I knew, I was blindsided by what he said next, “Ms. Jones, if you don’t make some serious changes, your ulcer will become stomach cancer.” I reflected on my life and realized I worked all the time and rarely took time off from work. At times I felt as if I was in control, but boy, I was numb to the joys of life. Deep inside, I knew it probably was not a good way to live my life anymore. That’s when I decided that it was time to find the answers. I went to many people and professionals, and no one was able to help. I started piecing all the parts together, and that is when I sat back in shock as I watched several areas of my life transform in big ways.

✔Toxic Relationship Came to a Peaceful End

✔Business Grew by 50%

✔Health Issues Disappeared

✔I was the Happiest that I’d Ever Been

All of it allowed me to create a system that helped me see how my limiting beliefs and abilities to access these techniques were affecting my health. Throughout the years, I have gotten the best results within my life and the lives of others when I use my Work-Life Balance Formula

Here are some client successes that have resulted from using my work-life balance formula.

A male client of mine had emotional and physical body issues:

✔ One month after working together he overcome depression
✔ He stopped his heavy drinking habit
✔ He met a woman he adored; about 6 months later they were married with a baby on the way

A female client had issues in her romantic relationship:

✔A couple of months of working together, and we eliminated limiting beliefs and patterns that kept her frustrated and in a constant cycle of sabotaging her relationship
✔ Her self-worth and confidence improved
✔Now she and her guy are happier than ever, and plan to get married next year

Those are just a couple of the hundreds of clients that I have coached to have positive results.
I now understand how good it feels to sometimes work a full day and still have tons of energy when I come home to spend time with my loved ones. I know what it feels like to get through challenges with ease.
One thing I know for sure is that I love to help others discover their unique gifts—those gifts that allow you to have fun with the balancing act that lies dormant deep inside of you, so you can do more in less time. You’re probably wondering: how do you get the most out of a workday and personal life activities without burning yourself out?

Introducing, the Balance Within Coaching Program, designed to help you…

-Get clarity to make decisions that maintain peace and harmony in life, especially when life brings you lemons—you’ll be ready to turn those lemons into lemonade.

-Pinpoint the cause of anxiety in life and the underlying causes of it in order to overcome it.

-Feel 10 years younger and have others ask: what’s your secret?

-Be a leader and resolve challenges instead of running from them.

-Feel in control and balanced with everything that you have in your life.

-Look and feel the healthiest that you have ever been.

-And more!


Watch the video below for more information about me and my Work-Life Balance Program.


I am a Certified Executive Trainer and a International Coach Federation (ICF) Professional Work-Life Balance Coach.

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