Denecia Jones

Denecia Jones

Hi, I’m Denecia

I coach professionals resilience, conflict resolution, and leadership techniques so that they have more inner peace and energy.

I hope you came to my site because you were referred by someone you trust. It’s great to get to know you. Feel free to browse around and get to know me better. This site is full of resources that can change your life!


Denecia Jones

Ever wished you had that go-to person whenever you’re in doubt? Perhaps someone who’s been there, has done that?

Someone willing to listen patiently and help resolve anything.
Whether you need guidance with a specific problem in your career, need help navigating relationship troubles, or feel stuck and don’t know what to do.

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Career & Resilience Coach

Denecia Jones Coaching Enterprise

Founder & Insurance

Jadestone Solutions


Pepperdine University Masters of Business Management

University of Phoenix Bachelor of Business Administration

Take control over your life.

Listen to life-changing lessons in Denecia’s podcast library.

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Some Memories

Denecia’s Mission Is To Entertain. Motivate, And Inspire Audiences To Live Their Best Life Ever!

Testimonials & Reviews

What People Says

- Dane Flanigan

A valuable resource to establishing our business-related services

- Nitza Colon

Denecia has a way to turn a challenge into a secret doorway to the VIP entrance to your desires

- Maryann Colon

If you’re ready for miracles to happen in your life, just know that working with Denecia will put you in the right place.

- Vivian Chou

Denecia showed us how to look at business and personal life needs in a new way that transformed the lives of many

- Dr. T. Brown

Working with Denecia has been a gamer changer.

- Angelika S.

She is a great human being, a friend, and a coach.


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