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I coach professionals resilience, conflict resolution, and leadership techniques so that they have more inner peace and energy.


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I hope you came to my site because you were referred by someone you trust. It’s great to get to know you. Feel free to browse around and get to know me better. This site is full of resources that can change your life!

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"Denecia has a way to turn a challenge into a secret doorway to the VIP entrance to your desires"

Nitza Colon

"If you’re ready for miracles to happen in your life, just know that working with Denecia will put you in the right place."

 -Maryann Colon

"Denecia showed us how to look at business and personal life needs in a new way that transformed the lives of many"

Ruben S. 

"She is a great human being, a friend, and a coach"

Angelika S.

"Working with Denecia has been a gamer changer"

Dr. T. Brown

"A valuable resource to establishing our business-related services"

Dane Flanigan

"Diligent and knowledgeable"

Mary O'Maley


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